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First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take... by neanderdigital First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take... by neanderdigital
...or maybe not.

 "It was supposed to be a swift takeover of the blue planet, known as Earth to its inhabitants.

 The invasion had been prepared for several decades, most notabaly with the insidious introduction of a virus designed to destroy the immune defence of humans in the early 1980'ies. Planned to be followed by a second wave of viruses now, forty years later. But the initial attack hadn't had the devastating effect it was expected to, and that second wave was also a failure.

 Tests on human specimens had but shown that the modified version of a certain virus would be fatal in more than 99% of the infected, and that more than 80% were susceptible. Little did the Caratanian invaders know that huge amounts of vaccine against the smallpox virus were in stock, and it proved effective when a supposed terrorist attack with a new strain of smallpox was launched on the planet.

 So, now the aliens from Caratan faced the low standard, not elegant and far too violent approach of ordinary warfare. Their partly bionic invasion troopers were not well suited for this kind of task, it's not how it's supposed to be...

 [dialogue dubbed in English for your convenience]

 Caratanian Officer (with the tablet): "It doesn't look too good, sir. We're not making any progress really, and we've destroyed far too much already. These were NOT our orders..."

 Caratanian Captain (the female standing): "Well, personally I'd nuke them, or gass the lot, but that are not our orders either. "Swift and gentle" and "subjugation, decimation and not destruction" are the keywords. *BS* if you ask me, but then again we need them, and especially the plants and other animals. How are the search parties doing?"

 Officer:" They are indeed having a difficult time, sir. The heat sensors don't work because of the fires, and the organic sensors can't distinguish between the dead bodies and the living ones. The combo movement sensors work to some extend, but we only have one down there, and it seems to be scrambled somehow at the moment..."

 Captain:" certainly is a mess. Arh, well, so far they haven't proved to be any threat at all. As allways it's just a question of t...(interupted)"

 Trooper (running):"Sir...SIR...we've just had a report from platoon 3, they've been taken out all but one, the humans are using some sort of non-metallic slingshot weapons throwing lethal sticks..."

 Officer:"DAMN...P3 is gone from my screen! HAH - bow and poisoned arrows. Clever, we didn't see that one coming, non-metallic. So much for taking out their electronic devices, jezz, they are hardy..."

 Captain:"I'll ask for more combat troops, real combat troops. I'll also ask for permission to use the neurotoxins..."

 Officer:"Good luck, sir...we're going to need it".


Won 2nd prize in a contest in Vue SciFi Facebook group with this one.
Vue render, character setup etc. with DAZ Studio.
 Thanks for viewing, comments welcome and appreciated.
Odilicious Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is superb! The light is awesome! Bravo!
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January 25, 2014
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